Golf Leagues

Monday AM Ole Duffers Golf League

Great Monday morning golf league focusing on a laid back rules and challenging skills for ages 55+. Mid May - Mid Septembe.

Tuesday Ladies Golf League

Calling all ladies who want to have Fun! This 9 hole golf league plays with Mulligans, 2 Fun Nights, & 2 social dinners. All ages welcome, playing May - August.

Wednesday PM Men’s golf league

Join in this adventurous group to play golf. 2 fun nights, 2 dinners, awards, skins each week. May - August. 

Monday PM 2 person Scramble

Anyone can drop in this league every Monday Night 4-6pm. $10 to play, $5 into the kitty. Men alternate from the whites to the blues each week, women from the reds & whites. 

NEW Short Brew Golf League

$100 for a quick pre or post season Golf league that focuses on new Brew each week. A different brewery featured each week. This 2 person scramble is on Friday evenings beginning in April The 1st session, in August the 2nd.